Friday, July 21, 2006

Sam Borden seems desperately seeking certain approval, dumps on Mo

In statements like this about last night's loss, Borden deflects blame from Arod:
  • 'As much attention as Rodriguez's gaffe earned, however, it wasn't necessarily the difference';
You blame Mo in your headline, using words like "smack" for what "victimized" him. And you use a euphemism for what really happened in the 6th, allowing an escape for Arod:
  • 'But the game suddenly swung toward the home team in the sixth, with A-Rod right in the middle of it.'
"The game swung?" No, Alex's actions swung the game. "Arod right in the middle of it?" No, you're being kind. How about using some of the kinds of negative words you save for Mo, like "stumbled, devastating, bobbled, threw wildly, causing his team to work its thin group of pitchers even harder in a depleted lineup." Borden's comments from today's NY Daily News and reprinted in newspapers around the country. (Maybe someone will notice).

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