Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NY Times' Jack Curry chokes & can't say Jim Thome's actual quote --same old Jack

Curry was on Charley Steiner's show yesterday for the NY segment of the show, one of several regional writers on each day. It was the last segment for the day, & Charley raised the topic of Mariano, appropriate because of recent events, plus 1 other reason--Charley has more first-hand knowledge of Rivera than everyone else at XM combined plus Curry & most other people. On the topic, Curry gives himself a slight plus by offering that Mo is still "under rated" to which Charley agrees. Since XM is a partner of ESPN, the golden rules must be followed at all times:
  • Never mention Mariano's name.
  • If someone in your presence does so, immediately change the subject.
  • At the very most, once a year someone can say VERY QUIETLY (which Curry did) that he's underrated--but don't give any substantiating data for God's sake.
  • If the absolute worst happens, & you must quote a superlative of an actual star American League hitter, MISQUOTE THE GUY SO IT DOESN'T SOUND AS GOOD.
Curry quoted Jim Thome saying Rivera's pitch was "unbelievable." Not true--Thome's actual words were "the single best pitch ever in the game." (Source AP) QUITE A DIFFERENCE, JACK. Gee, with ethical specimens like Jack Curry around, no wonder Mariano's under rated. Well done, Jack. Take a hike.

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