Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why are these guys so desperate to get you to hate the Yankees or 1 of its players?

You don't care, but the daily lies to build hatred & envy continue. These people apparently aren't aware they won--they got the Yankee fan's money, over $100 million this year, but they don't ask on a daily basis what was done with the money.
  • Orestes Destrade on the morning show on XM is constantly mocked & diminished by Mark Patrick. Patrick has a deep, visceral hatred of the Yankees & Mariano Rivera. He came up with 1 stat the other day to make Mariano look like a loser. What was the comment by either Orestes or Buck Martinez?
    • Patrick would've cut them off, whined loudly. So what happens? A misleading stat is left out dramatically for public consumption by the management of the XM/ESPN partnership. It's impossible for the listening public to drop everything & check on the information they hear, so they often just accept it.
Orestes & especially Buck Martinez have a wealth in information to share, but Patrick won't allow it. In a small bit Orestes was allowed to say the other day, he knew he'd be spanked like a naughty boy if he didn't in discussing the upcoming trade deadline, say the Yankees would "obviously" do something.
  • He said "obviously" because Patrick would've dumped on Orestes and the Yankees if he hadn't. Patrick is so deeply prejudiced he's not even up to date. Last year mid season, the Yankees made no major moves, so it's by no means "obvious." If they signed a player for $10 million, they'd have to pay $ 4 million on top of that for luxury tax, but Patrick ignores this, & forgets it's the fans who really pay. Many fans & their children can't afford to go to a Yankee game, since they're required to pay for limo service for David Glass on top of the other expenses. The Yankees have a great deal of debt, probably aren't even operating at a profit--in fact definitely aren't according to various press accounts.
Dibs said on Monday or Tuesday that the Yankees "have an open check-book." When did that happen? How does he know this? Hatred blinds people. Last year Dibs said he was positive they'd make a huge move by the trading deadline, & when they didn't, he admitted he'd been wrong. Instead of remembering that, he wants to build hatred against the Yankees and certain of their players.

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