Sunday, July 23, 2006

AP Sports Editors open the door to 1 internet sports site

APSE bylaw changes approved
Story posted on July 1, 2006

APSE's executive committee approved three amendments to the organization's bylaws during this summer's convention in Las Vegas.

The most significant change involved allowing limited membership for general interest sports Internet sites. Another amendment added the region chairs' duties to the bylaws, and a third made technical changes to various passages in the bylaws.

Section 2(E) was revised to allow associate membership for "general interest sports Internet sites that apply generally accepted newsgathering practices and have a fulltime staff of no fewer than three people." The wording of the bylaw was designed to limit membership to those Internet sites that are covering sports on a day-to-day basis, more or less the way newspapers do. Dues for any such members will be set at the highest category – in other words, as if they were in the over 250,000 circulation category for newspapers.

Associate members cannot vote or hold elective office within the organization, but can serve on committees. All associate memberships must be approved individually by the executive committee.

After this bylaw was passed, the executive committee approved the first such membership for Yahoo! Sports (sports.yahoo.com).

from the APSE website 7/23/06

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