Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tony Jackson, LA Daily News---Duaner Sanchez trade big loss

Tony doesn't like this trade for the Dodgers----Jae Seo from the Mets for Duaner Sanchez. Says Duaner was versatile & could fill multiple roles for the Dodgers, plus was a good club house guy (sorry, stats guys). The move for the Mets is due to likelihood that deal for Danys Baez won't work out, & needed another bullpen arm. On WFAN in NY, view is Jae Seo is a very good starter, had a great 2nd half in 2005, & is another mystery why the Mets couldn't work it out with the guy. It's assumed it was something other than what you saw on the mound. Tampa Bay wanted Heilman, and why not, but the Mets are holding onto him for now. Also, Bret Boone signed a minor league deal with the Mets.

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