Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dibs & Kevin say HOF awards began when there was no tv

The writers traveled with the teams, knew the players, and didn't reveal personal information about them as we see today. Now, TV & radio are all over the country, there are broadcasters with more knowledge than writers--not to say any group is perfect. But, as Boston Globe's Bob Ryan says, it must change. Dibs says most important areas of life have checks & balances but this system doesn't, which is wrong for something of this consequence. He says 30 GUYS ELIGIBLE TO VOTE THIS YEAR DIDN'T VOTE..... 12 BALLOTS WERE LEFT BLANK. There should be a panel to oversee the situation. Kevin: maybe MLB says this isn't their area, it's the HOF committee's area..... doesn't matter. It must be addressed.

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