Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bob Ryan, Boston Globe, Reports his HOF votes:

  1. Jim Rice
  2. Bruce Sutter
  3. Dave Concepcion
Ryan said he kept his vote down for the purpose of protecting Rice. Is surprised Gossage hasn't received more support from NY area voters (as Rice has from New England voters). Good that closers have opened up after the pioneer class of Rollie Fingers & Hoyt Wilhelm. Ryan is in favor of a Hoyt Wilhelm Award for closers on the level of Cy Young. (Question, Bob: This move would go against the personal interests & agendas of majority of current voters, so who would shepherd this through?) Ryan: "THE MANIPULATION & JEALOUS GUARDING OF POWER BY TODAY's BBWAA IS CRIMINAL. THE IDEA THAT SOMEONE LIKE VIN SCULLY IS NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE IS PREPOSTEROUS. THIS SYSTEM SHOULD BE CHANGED IMMEDIATELY." Bob says, "We the writers are the dinosaurs. We're on the way out. Broadcasters should be included" in voting.

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  • Rob Dibble and Kevin Kennedy are quite possibly the dumbest men alive. Amazing. "Joe Morgan needs a HOF vote!" Joe Morgan does more to keep guys out than any other person does - he wields the most powerful stick that anyone does.

    Kennedy says that Rice's road OPS doesn't mean anything, to me that means that maybe he wasn't truly that great of a player, and was helped tremendously by Fenway - this would be common sense to anyone that's not a complete idiot.

    I feel like I'm listening to political talk when I hear these dolts and yell at my radio.

    By Anonymous Brett, at 3:24 PM  

  • Thanks for your comment, Brett. I get
    quite frazzeled listening to them, too. I'm curious about the situation
    with Joe Morgan---I heard him say
    yesterday that he's vice chairman of
    the HOF, so it's interesting you say
    how much power he wields. I could tell
    the way he spoke that he takes his position very seriously. They all have motives &
    personal agendas.

    By Blogger susan mullen, at 12:18 AM  

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