Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bruce Sutter interview with Dibs & Kevin on XM:

Sutter says he broke down & cried when he heard the news; he's very happy, but upset that Goose & Bert didn't win. Bruce: 'Voters are just starting to recognize our position of closer. I'm pulling for Goose & Lee Smith. Voters compare our stats to starters, which is not right. They don't compare a 1st baseman's stats with a shortstop's. ' Says he wouldn't have made it to the big leagues without the split finger fastball. Kevin remarks, "You also did very well in the World Series." Sutter: "Well, of course they didn't have Rollie Fingers in that game, he was injured. Of course, if you gave me the NY Yankees today, & I could take 1 guy off the team, IT WOULD BE MARIANO RIVERA." Dibs' response: Dead Silence. Kevin finally says, ".....That's right." Dibs mentions Sutter pitched over 100 innings a season 5 times in his career, & Sutter said that's how we did it in those days. You have to build your arm up. Then, regarding the closer or late inning reliever who pitches more than the stereotyped 1 inning, Sutter says: "You see Mariano Rivera do it all the time in the post season & the "must-win" games, he comes on in the 8th inning." Response from Dibs & Kevin: silence, and changed the subject. Sutter says he made $17,000 his first year in the big leagues. He is feeling more emotional about it than he thought he would---says he's not that type of person. But, he's with his family in Pennsylvania, he has 3 sons, 2 of whom are coaching high school or college baseball. Congratulations to Bruce Sutter, Hall of Fame, and we look forward to seeing him in Cooperstown.

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