Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jeff Erickson on XM with Lawr Michaels discusses the A's

Lawr was surprised at acquisition of Loaiza, but Billy Beane says it gives depth they didn't have last year. Shows maybe more money & slight shift in philosophy. Jeff & Lawr say Blanton has best upside in the group. Milton Bradley usually has 'honeymoon' period with a new team; the team and the area they deem to be more "cerebral," which may be better for Bradley. Moves this off season enable them to put good lineup against both righties & lefties. They don't see Frank Thomas going to the A's. On the Farm System, good prospects coming up: Mellillo & Pennington; 2 catching prospects Suzuki & Brown. Looking for 2 more good years for Kendall. Lawr is with CreativeSports.com, & Jeff is with Rotowire.com.Re Rafael Furcal's reported surgery, Jeff's not changing his fantasy status at this time.

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