Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bob McManaman, Arizona Republic re Diamondbacks on XM

Bob says team hasn't improved, but looks to be great in 2 years with Stephen Drew, Justin Upton, Chad Tracy & others. Thought they lost their best pitcher in Javier Vazquez, & lots of power with Troy Glaus. Charley mentions word they weren't happy with Glaus. Bob says thinking in front office changed with arrival of Jeff Moorad, wanted to get a big slugger, but there were problems. Glaus had frequent health issues, & "there were problems in the clubhouse that still need to be addressed." He doesn't elaborate. Team decided to regroup & go younger. Doesn't see them manufacturing runs as they might, as they don't steal bases. There's a hardcore fan base, but occasional fans have dwindled, & team still has debts to pay off from world series winning payroll. Very high on Craig Counsell & Orlando Hudson. Incredibily, Bob says team still talks about trading Orlando Hudson, whom many consider the best defensive 2B in the NL.

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