Monday, April 19, 2010

MLB games become staging area for global warming/carbon trading pressure group, NRDC

  • If games are shorter, there's more time to sell global warming/carbon trading propaganda under the guise of being a good citizen and helping the planet.
Most people want to preserve and enhance our land, sea, and air, and save energy. That is something different from pushing catastrophic man-made global warming and carbon trading, which are the primary interests of MLB's partner, the National Resources Defense Council.
  • (Much carbon trading is already documented to be crime infested as it's merely a computer click. 5 MLB teams in this article have engaged in carbon trading, along with the World Series and All Star games. (Naturally one hopes and trusts MLB's investments will turn out well, unlike others that have been reported ).
MLB started working with NRDC a few years ago and this year is turning MLB games into a major advertising and propaganda stage for this group. (NRDC has been active in pushing through regional carbon trading operations in the US and is a member of George Soros' funded climate pressure group Ceres. Soros has tried at least twice to become an MLB owner).
  • From MLB press release, 4/13/10, the Cincinnati Reds will engage in carbon trading:
"Cincinnati Reds: ...The Reds will also purchase Renewable Energy Credits to off-set the carbon emissions for the Earth Day game. Representatives from Duke Energy and Hamilton County Solid Waste Management District will be at Great American Ball Park on Earth Day to provide fans with valuable information about how to save energy, increase recycling and reduce waste at home.
  • During the 7th inning stretch of the Earth Day game, a "Green Team" comprised of 30-40 local volunteers will walk the aisles of the ballpark collecting recyclables from fans."...
At this point, the issue becomes confused. Aside from selling out the game experience, the global warming carbon trading issue is being blended and confused with normal everyday clean living. Reading about the Houston Astros is sickening. "Houston Astros: The Astros Play Green program enters its third season with an April 22 launch event featuring Play Green ambassador Hunter Pence joining the Astros front office staff at the Westbury Community Garden project to construct the garden's learning pavilion which will educate children about organic foods, healthy eating, and nutrition. Later that evening at Minute Maid Park, the Astros will take the field in green caps and fans will receive information from a variety of Astros partners and environmental community groups on how they can Play Green at a green expo.
  • The Astros will purchase renewable energy credits to ensure that the power supply at Minute Maid Park for the Earth Day game will be "green power".
Throughout the season, Pence and Geoff Blum will visit "green" classrooms in the community
  • to read a book
  • encouraging kids to live an environmentally-friendly lifestyle."...
And the "Philadelphia Phillies:... To offset the carbon footprint created by the team's utility power usage at Citizens Bank Park, the
  • Phillies have purchased 20 million kilowatt-hours of Green-e Certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).
2010 is the third consecutive year that the Phillies have committed to purchasing 100% renewable energy for the calendar year."...
  • And the Pittsburgh Pirates:
"Pittsburgh Pirates: ...Renewable energy credits have been purchased to offset the afternoon game which will include a pre-game ceremony to honor local environmental leaders."...
  • "St. Louis Cardinals: ...Hosting Green Week, April 26 through May 1 to raise awareness for sustainability efforts....In addition, the Cardinals will offset their energy consumption by purchasing renewable energy credits for the duration of the week."
"San Francisco Giants: Leading up to Earth Day, the Giants, PG&E and the California Academy of Sciences will launch a Green Classroom Challenge, engaging K-8th graders throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to make their classroom the "greenest" classroom in the Bay Area. The winning class will be honored in a home plate ceremony on the field. On Sunday, April 25, the Giants will distribute information cards and "Seattle Mariners:... In addition, the Mariners are purchasing renewable energy credits to offset carbon emissions from staging the game."...
  • "Washington Nationals: On Thursday, April 22, the Earth Day Network will be on hand to
talk to fans about the impact they have on the environment and distribute information on lessening carbon footprints."...
  • Selig to collect data developed in consultation with the global warming/carbon trading pressure group, NRDC. Again, normal care of the environment should not be blended with advocacy for carbon trading:
"In addition to the work by the Clubs, the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball has taken steps to coordinate and share environmental data related to operations conducted throughout the League. Data collecting software has been developed by MLB with the guidance of the NRDC that will quantify ballpark operations data from the areas of energy consumption, waste management and recycling, water consumption and paper usage.
  • Clubs will be able to input their monthly numbers in a variety of subcategories within each area, which will then be analyzed in order to share best practices across the League.

The commitment by our national pastime to enhance its ecological profile in a meaningful and public way marks a watershed in the history of the environmental movement," said Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council. "...

(continuing, MLB.com): "(Hershkowitz): "No other sporting institution has influenced American culture as much as baseball and Baseball is a game of statistics and the League's commitment to
  • systematically document and measure environmental practices of all Clubs at all stadiums
underscores the leadership and commitment of MLB to make environmental progress. All professional leagues should follow this important example."
  • Major League Baseball began an alliance with the NRDC in 2006

to identify and promote better environmental practices. Since 2008, MLB has incorporated environmentally intelligent features in All-Star Summer activities including the MLB All-Star Game as well as the World Series.

  • purchasing renewable energy credits,

fan education, recycling with MLB Green Teams, building playgrounds from recycled materials, eco-friendly community activities and prioritizing environmental attributes when selecting paper and hospitality items. This relationship also led to the creation of the Team Greening Program featuring NRDC Team Greening Advisors for Major League Baseball, web-based software tools tailored to each MLB Club featuring advice and resources for every aspect of a Club's operations. This unprecedented program was more than two years in development and offers specific local advice concerning such topics as energy use, purchasing, concession operations, water use, recycling and transportation."

graph above showing price for carbon trading, as of 4/19/10


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