Thursday, April 15, 2010

ClimateGate Nobel winner admits global cooling, thinks heat may be hiding someplace

"Current observational tools cannot account for roughly half of the heat that is believed to have built up on Earth in recent years, according to a “Perspectives” article in this week’s issue of Science.* Scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) warn in the new study that satellite sensors, ocean floats, and other instruments are inadequate to track this “missing” heat, which may be building up in the deep oceans or elsewhere in the climate system.
  • The heat will come back to haunt us sooner or later,” says NCAR scientist Kevin Trenberth, the lead author.

The reprieve we’ve had from warming temperatures in the last few years will not continue.

  • It is critical to track the build-up of energy in our climate system so we can understand what is happening and predict our future climate.”

The authors suggest that last year’s rapid onset of El Niño, the periodic event in which upper ocean waters across much of the tropical Pacific Ocean become significantly warmer, may be one way in which the solar energy has reappeared.

continuing: "A Science Perspectives piece is not formally peer-reviewed, but it is extensively reviewed by editors of the journal. Science had invited Trenberth to submit the article after an editor heard him discuss the research at a scientific conference.

  • Trenberth and his co-author, NCAR scientist John Fasullo, focused
  • on a central mystery of climate change.

Whereas satellite instruments indicate that greenhouse gases are continuing to trap more solar energy, or heat, scientists

  • since 2003 have been unable to determine where much of that heat is going.

Either the satellite observations are incorrect, says Trenberth, or, more likely, large amounts of heat are penetrating to regions that are not adequately measured, such as the deepest parts of the oceans. Compounding the problem,

  • Earth’s surface temperatures have largely leveled off in recent years.

Yet melting glaciers and Arctic sea ice, along with rising sea levels, indicate that heat is continuing to have profound effects on the planet."... (Arctic Sea ice is well above past low levels and constantly fluctuates as it has done for millions of years. Sea levels are not rising contrary to what was stated in the UN report). ed.

  • (continuing): "A percentage of the missing heat could be illusory, the result of imprecise measurements by satellites and surface sensors or incorrect processing of data from those sensors,
  • the authors say.

Until 2003, the measured heat increase was consistent with

  • computer model expectations.

Some of the missing heat appears to be going into the observed melting of ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica, as well as Arctic sea ice, the authors say." ...(Again, these events are not substantiated by current data). ed.

  • Trenberth and Fasullo call for additional ocean sensors, along with more systematic data analysis and new approaches to calibrating satellite instruments,
  • to help resolve the mystery." ...

Any opinions, findings and conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation."

*The publication "Science" requires a paid subscription. The climate industry rests on the criminally false assumption that catastrophic man caused climate change (global warming) exists, and is largely caused by evil US citizens who therefore must pay billions in reparations. Money must be immediate and continue indefinitely to enrich corrupt UN grifters, brutal equatorial dictators, billionaire hedge fund thugs and various other "stakeholders" with the Chicago Climate Exchange. We must surrender our lives, our families and our sovereignty without complaint to unelected imperialist global thugs. ed.
  • On Trenbeth's participation in the UN 2007 Nobel Prize winning report:
"The IPCC's AR4 chapter lead was Kevin Trenberth, who features prominently in the Climategate emails. In 2005, the National Hurricane Center's chief scientist Chris Landsea resigned his post in protest at the treatment of the subject by Trenberth.
  • "I personally cannot in good faith continue to contribute to a process that I view as both being motivated by pre-conceived agendas and being scientifically unsound. As the IPCC leadership has seen no wrong in Dr. Trenberth’s actions and have retained him as a Lead Author for the AR4, I have decided to no longer participate in the IPCC AR4." (item at end of article)


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