Monday, April 19, 2010

Attendance down at 17 of 30 MLB clubs from 2009-Forbes

"Through 185 playing dates, MLB clubs have drawn just under 6 million fans, about
  • half a percentage point below the same period last year.
Take away the Twins, whose average crowd has rocketed to 38,382 per game from 24,405 at the dank Metrodome a season ago (through April 18),
  • and the league is down 2% year-t0-date from 2009.

Last year at this time, only the Cleveland Indians were averaging fewer than 20,000 fans per game (19,226). This year they're joined by the Oakland A's, Toronto Blue Jays and Florida Marlins,

  • all of whom are down at least 4,000 a game in the early going.

Also down big: the Arizona Diamondbacks (25,142 per game, off 19%),

  • Baltimore Orioles (20,941; down 18%), and
  • New York Mets (33,477; down 9%).

Altogether, attendance is lower at 17 of 30 MLB from 2009 - at least 1,000 fans per game lower at 13 of them.

Things are turning upward in some places outside of Minnesota. The Atlanta Braves, showcasing talented rookie Jason Heyward, are 7,400 per game ahead of last year's pace. And the Texas Rangers, who have faltered at the gate significantly in recent years, have recovered to the tune of 6,000 a game this year, pushing their MLB rank to 16th from 27th.

  • Mostly though, it's the usual strong drawing cards - Yankees, Phillies, Red Sox, Cubs, Dodgers, Angels and Cardinals - holding their own while
  • recession continues to rear its head elsewhere. Luckily, Minnesota is a still in the league."

from Forbes by Thomas Van Riper, 4/19/10, "Twins keeping MLB attendance steady" via Daylife


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