Friday, June 21, 2013

Zoilo Almonte gets first John Sterling home run call. Updated, 5/17/14

5/17/14, Zoilo Almonte gets second John Sterling home run call


6/21/13, Zoilo Almonte hits first Yankee and ML home run in bottom of 6th, Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays. This is John Sterling's tag (confirmed):

"You know what Tampa is saying...curses, "Zoiled" again....Zoilo Almonte hits his first major league home run..."

6/21/13, Almonte curtain call, final 6-2 Yankees, McIsaac/Getty

6/21/13, Zoilo Almonte curtain call, getty

6/21/13, Almonte greeted in dugout by Cano and others after first home run. final 6-2 Yankees, ap


6/23/13, Almonte hits double v Tampa Bay Rays, final 3-1 Tampa Bay, getty

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