Saturday, May 17, 2014

Zoilo Almonte gets first John Sterling home run call of 2014, "It's the mark of Zoilo!"

5/17/14, Left fielder Zoilo Almonte hit his first Yankee home run of 2014, Pirates v Yankees at Yankee Stadium, third inning, score 2-0 Yankees. Final 7-1 Yankees. John Sterling's call:

"Here is Zoilo Almonte, he's O for one on the year, a switch hitter hitting left, and Volquez' pitch is swung on and hit in the air to deep right, it is high, it is far, it is gone! How da ya like that! Zoilo Almonte homers deep in the right field seats! It's the mark of Zoilo! He homers to deep right, and the Yankees take a three nothing lead."


"The Mark of Zorro" is of course the story of the masked avenger who has saved the day for generations.


John Sterling's 2013 call for Zoilo Almonte was different:


6/21/13, Zoilo Almonte  hits his first Yankee and ML home run in bottom of 6th, Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays. This is John Sterling's tag:

"You know what Tampa is saying...curses, "Zoiled" again....Zoilo Almonte hits his first major league home run..."

(photo link for second photo is active, the other three links are dead)

6/21/13, Almonte curtain call, final 6-2 Yankees, McIsaac/Getty

6/21/13, Zoilo Almonte curtain call, getty

6/21/13, Almonte greeted in dugout by Cano and others after first home run. final 6-2 Yankees, ap


6/23/13, Almonte hits double v Tampa Bay Rays, final 3-1 Tampa Bay, getty

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