Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Phil Hendrie moves from TRN to Dial Global

6/18/13, "Phil Hendrie's new syndication connection," Tom Taylor Now

"Ron Hartenbaum’s WYD Media Management and Dial Global.

When we last heard from the inventive humorist
(May 9 NOW), his camp said “Phil has elected not to pursue any further association with Talk Radio Network.” That shut the door on six years with TRN, which will feed a final Hendrie show next Monday, June 24. Hendrie stays busy with TV, movie and voiceover work, and said he would listen to opportunities back in terrestrial radio, “but only those with strong sales, marketing and programming support.” He apparently finds that synthesis in Ron Hartenbaum’s WYM Media Management shop (for affiliate sales and “overall brand expansion”) and Dial Global (ad sales and satellite distribution).

Hartenbaum says “broadcast radio needs the breadth, depth and creativity of Phil Hendrie...he’s a comic genius who’s going to grow in ways most people can’t even imagine.” While Hendrie says “Ron gets my show.” New time slot will be 7pm to 10pm Pacific time starting a week from tonight, June 25. For starters, there will be a couple of weeks of “Comedy gold,” then a charged-up Phil Hendrie debuting Monday, July 8 and taking live callers. One of the mysteries of Phil’s act is guessing who’s a listener – and who sprouted from Phil's cerebral cortex. One reader says “It’s not well-known, but in the early days of Playboy Radio on Westwood One, the Playboy Advisor was voiced by Phil.”" via Free Republic

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