Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bloomberg NY City bike scam depends on fossil fueled trucks to transport bikes to and from commercial areas and residential neighborhoods every day in prime heavy traffic, gas must be purchased to fuel trucks, drivers must be paid, 'significant ongoing expense'

6/19/13, "Citibike: A victim of its own success," Reuters blogs, Felix Salmon

"New York's CitiBike [fossil fueled] trucks are going to have to be much more active during the day, and

especially during the mornings, shuttling bikes back to residential neighborhoods from commercial areas like Rockefeller Center

where the bike racks fill up early on. That kind of thing is a significant ongoing expense, and it's unclear to what degree it's built into the CitiBike budget."...(3rd parag. fr. end) via Tom Nelson


March 2011, "The Bloomberg Bubble Bursts" Commentary, Siegel and Stern

"Due to the structure of the city charter, the mayor has almost complete control of the streets. ...In Manhattan and Brooklyn, Bloomberg decreed the installation of bicycle lanes on many of the city’s heavily traveled commercial avenues. Little-used and aesthetically unsightly, the Manhattan bike lanes are so important to the mayor’s vision for the city that they were shoveled clean even as the streets of the outer boroughs were buried in the Christmas storm. Throughout the city, the lanes have made it more difficult to park, made the streets more congested, and made life miserable for truck drivers and delivery services that had to double park 20 feet from the curb to complete their rounds.

These undeniable realities do not seem to matter to a mayor who seems to enjoy imposing change on the city whether it is warranted or not."...


Comment: Who paid costs of cement, construction materials and union labor to block off miles of prime Manhattan avenues from car access and reserve them for bikes? Are these items on documents taxpayers can see now since Bloomberg will be gone in a few months? Costs are more than just bikes, racks, and software that were "free" to New Yorkers, per Bloomberg.

Bike Shock troops in Europe leave no room for evil cars and industrial civilization, which is the point.. More bikes in Amsterdam than people. NY Times photo, 6/20/13

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