Sunday, December 18, 2011

One of California's most violent neighborhoods offered to Oakland A's by Oakland Mayor

12/17/11, "If nothing else, you've got to admire Oakland mayor Jean Quan's moxie in her last-ditch effort to keep the A's from leaving town. As bad a baseball venue as the Oakland Coliseum has been for the A's, Madam Quan has proposed building a new stadium for them as part of a shopping center - in an East Oakland neighborhood that is statistically one of the most violent places in California. We can't imagine why A's owner Lew Wolff didn't find that idea so appealing. Hopefully, next month MLB will finally do the right thing for the A's in freeing them from being held hostage by the Giants' territorial rights to San Jose. It was MLB that, years ago, stupdily gave the Giants territorial rights to San Jose as a further incentive for staying in San Francisco when there was no justifiable reason for it. Now, with the A's on life support in the worst city in America, it is MLB's responsibility to pay whatever "damages" to the Giants for relinquishing those rights
  • and move an endangered franchise into California's second-largest city."

12/17/11, "Prince Fielder can't find an owner to overpay for his services like Arte Moreno did for Albert Pujols," Bill Madden, NY Daily News

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