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Granderson, Sabathia, Jones, Jeter, Posada play charity softball in Panama at Rod Carew Stadium, Ozzie Guillen speaks at press conference

Above Granderson, Sabathia, Jones, Jeter, Posada, photo Panama America "Ozzie Guillen, director of the Miami Marlins in Major League Baseball, was emphatic in expressing his admiration for Panama and people in different walks of life, have left the name of this land up.

That basically relied press conference that he and some of the international guests at the Festival Latinoamericano Baseball II gave the Panamanian press.

Mariano, the greatest.

For the instructor, from Venezuela, the career of pitcher Mariano Rivera is proud not only for Panama but for all Latin America.

"I've seen it grow to Mariano, because I knew him since he began his career. And I can assure you that he is the greatest athlete who has given Panama .... with respect for "Mano de Piedra '(Roberto Duran)," he said.

For Guillén, the trajectory of Rivera is one of the greats in the history of Major League Baseball for what he considered an icon.

"You in Panama have three great Mariano Rivera (baseball), Roberto" Mano de Piedra "Duran (boxing) and Ruben Blades (music). Everyone in your area, "he said. "You should be proud as Panamanians by these three persons."

The pilot's words were backed by Marlins pitcher the Yankees, Rafael Soriano, who is in Puerto Caimito pitcher to an example for all Latin America.

"I'm happy with the way it has contacted me this season. Too bad you (Rivera) can not be here with us, health problems, and he and I get along well, "said Soriano.

Respect for Chen.

Ozzie Guillen is not only admire Rivera, but also other Panamanian ... Bruce Chen.

Guillen recalled how the capital has come out pitcher to the adversities that have been presented in his career.

"I am proud of Chen, I think it is the only Panamanian who has swum against the tide. I always saw him playing everywhere. One day I was on a team, while he was in others. I saw him playing in Venezuela and has now managed to be in the big leagues. "

Guillen said that Chen knows when they were teammates with the Atlanta Braves and now admired for the way it has been established as an important part of the rotation of Kansas City.

"This year we won more games when I was managing the Chicago White Sox. Because we got his contract nine million dollars, "said the" manager "as a joke Venezuela.

How do you see the future? For the director of the Marlins and the rest of the players present at the press conference, the future of Major League Baseball is very promising with the new agreement that both the players and team owners agreed about two weeks ago.

"I think this is an important step which has been," said Yankees outfielder Curtis Granderson. "Now it has given teams the opportunity to emerge with more quotas to qualify for the playoffs. With this new agreement has been given priority to the fans. "

Guillen believes that living a great moment in the "Big Tent", taking into consideration the changes that have occurred in this offseason, both players, managers and general managers.

"Everyone wants to change for the better, but 'the ball' do not 'managers', but the players and now we see an impressive talent," he said.

For the Venezuelan Major League Baseball has taken an important step to the agreement, which is complemented by the measures taken to combat the use of prohibited substances among players.

"We are now pushing the cloud that is the steroids. We signed an agreement to avoid use and I think that will play on an equal footing for the next season, "he said.

At the end of the press conference, Granderson and his companions, CC Sabathia and Andruw Jones, stated that their goal is to have a better performance next year in the "Big Tent".

Sabathia and Granderson followed with the Yankees, while Jones is a free agent status.

These players participated in a softball game with stars Panamanian Rod Carew Stadium." (google translation from Spanish) Sabathia, Jeter, and Posada celebrate at charity game in Panama Dec. 3, 2011, ap

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