Friday, December 16, 2011

Mariano Rivera at Steiner event, Roosevelt Field Mall, still whispering after surgery but signing. Tanyon Sturtze there too.

MarkedOut.com: "User luiginyc84 met the greatest closer of all time, Mariano Rivera at the Steiner Sports signing and sent us this awesome report." "Went to the Steiner Sports signing at the Roosevelt Field Mall today for the Greatest Closer of All Time. Mariano RIvera! Got to the mall a little before 4pm, picked up my tickets and went to the check the line and noticed a couple people online already so I figured I might as well to. I was 5th. Signing was scheduled for 6:30pm. Started maybe 10 minutes late. There was a "VIP Line" of about 5-7 people, but they took our line first and I went through before them. Dont know why since they were "VIPs". Mariano was friendly. Thanking me for coming,
  • but you could barely hear him as his voice was a loud whisper due to his throat surgery
a little over a week ago. I had him sign my new Yankee poster (which already has David Cone and Yogi Berra). Overall another well run signing by Steiner Sports. I will be going back in January for Cal Ripken and February for Lou Piniella and Dave Winfield. On a side note, just before Mariano came out, I noticed one of the Steiner Sports reps walking with a familiar face. Turned out to be former Yankee pitcher Tanyon Sturtze. When I realized who he was he had already passed and I didnt want to leave the line. Tried looking for him after, but didnt see him.
  • Would have been a decent extra."

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