Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Victor Baez arrested in Dominican for fraud against young prospective MLB players

1/4/2011, Dominican Republic: "National Police officers on Tuesday arrested the well-known listening to the Major League Baseball, Victor Antonio Báez García, on charges of fraud and falsification of prospective players of Major League Baseball.

Victor Baez's arrest is the latest step in a new initiative of the Dominican National Police that aims to investigate and arrest those who sell false hopes listen to baseball players using documents, visas or passports to obtain fraudulent contracts. The aim of this new approach from the Dominican authorities is to prevent further victimization of Dominican citizens who are driven by the actions of the hustlers.

Víctor Báez has been one of the most successful Dominican hear Major League Baseball and led for years a baseball camp in the league known Naco, located on Calle Las Mahogany # 6, the Eixample Los Prados. As a scout was able to send dozens of baseball players to the lucrative U.S. contracts. However, few people knew the dirty side of these procedures, a dark side of supply often involving thousands of dollars,

  • but also often frustrated dreams of talented Dominican baseball.

In the younger major league baseball player is, the greater are the prospects and opportunities to receive higher wages. Baez baseball scouts in return for their services, regular self-assign a better game of the commission which significantly reduces the player's final bonus upon signing. These circumstances create an enormous incentive for players to look as young as possible, and tempts the hustlers, like Baez, to take extreme measures to get more profits. Among other actions on it, fake birth certificates and altering the information contained in passports, identity cards, and even school.

  • These illegalities hustlers often are confronted with the reality once the players arrive at the Embassy of the United States in search of a visa.

Due to the history of fraud, all Dominicans with prospects of playing in the Major League Baseball are subjected to rigorous scrutiny by the U.S. Embassy when applying for a visa. Upon discovery of the true age of the players, the deliberate alternation of documents results in immediate denial of the visa.

Furthermore, these players could also face disqualification from their permanent U.S. visa. Thus, in a matter of minutes players lose contracts worth thousands or even millions of dollars.

In the case of Victor Baez, illegal efforts to conceal the true age and identity of their players by presenting fraudulent documents eventually betrayed him and was arrested on charges of fraud. The Dominican authorities and senior officials of Major League Baseball are seeking ways to identify other hustlers who,

  • with intent to obtain high bonuses for their players, they consistently provide false documents."

1/4/2011, "Listen arrested Major League accused of fraud," Hoy, google translation from Spanish. original Spanish

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