Friday, December 31, 2010

Washington Nationals want Dominican pitcher Severino to rest until spring training

12/30/10, Caracas, "The (Dominican pitcher) Atahualpa Severino may not play as reinforcement in Venezuela with the Caracas Lions of refusing his major league organization, the Washington Nationals,
  • said today in a statement Venezuelan team.
Although he had arrived in Caracas and was practicing for his debut in the semifinals with the current league champions, the Washington Nationals decided that Severino should rest
  • to prepare for spring training in February.
Severino was with the Licey Tigers in their country of origin (Dominican Republic), where pitching 20 games in which struck 16 strikeouts in 14 sections and seven walks. He left a record of 0-2 and ERA of 9.64. In triple-A Syracuse and was the winning six with three losses, efficiency of 3.34 (25 chapters clean 67.1) in 54 games, 46 guillotined and 29 walks.
  • Strengthening Dominican pitcher Armando Gabino fellow, and his debut and will remain in the workforce of the hairy along with newly recruited American outfielder Tike Redman."
from El Nuevo Diario, "Washington Nationals from playing in Venezuela to the Dominican Severino" google translation from Spanish. original Spanish


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