Saturday, December 25, 2010

San Francisco Giants radio voices said to have new six year deal

12/25/10, San Francisco Giants radio said to have new deal of "$5.5-6 million over six years, averaging out to almost a million per season, or what Edgar Renteria called an "insult." I don't think the Both got substantial raises."
  • Commenter to Rich Lieberman post:
"Anonymous said...

Thoroughly enjoy Kuiper and Krukow and hope they get the financial deal they want. However, and it's a little however, Kuiper's call of the end of the World Series was not his best moment as he said, "for the first time in 52 years the Giants are World Series Champions!",

  • when in fact he should have said SF Giants.

In actually it was the first time in 56 years that the Giants were champions. This call ranks with the great Lon Simmons call of Willie Mays' 600th homerun when he threw in the "bye bye baby bonanza" phrase that was a promotional give-away at the time. Rich I think I have too much time on my hands."...

from Rich Lieberman 415 Media, "The Contract Number$ on Kruk and Kuip's New Deal; Merry Christmas" (I'm assuming each one gets $5M+. ed).

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