Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pedro says air travel most difficult part of being MLB player

Dec., 2010, Dominican Republic: "Pedro was warned that we would not talk about antics, or Cooperstown, or withdrawing it (though they are unavoidable issues), but trivial and bizarre things that happen in the game and in the lives of the players.
  • Asked if a player after finishing their day at eleven o'clock on a Friday, and play at one pm on Saturday, could go drinking at a nightclub as one who does not like things, told us that no, it was not prudent at all.

However, we mentioned the case of David Wells, who is said to be drunk threw a no hitter, but he (Peter) doubted that was true about the "JUMO" total. He said that the most detested of their profession are the air travel, which is no life to live for about seven months working on a case almost daily, going from one state to another.

  • Realized that the tax issue is a real headache and the most expensive state for a player is California, where they occur in the mother.

On the subject of beating opponents, he said, without any subterfuge that he was one of the most feared, but never hit anyone because he gave a home run or end up in a game bateándole freely, to him who won won, period, but that there are times when you "brush" or hit an opponent.

  • He told us that on one occasion, in a game between Boston and Cleveland, someone beat Jose Oferman. Pedro won the game as two zero and Oferman advised to leave it like that, but he said no, that was hit. It would face in that inning with Roberto Alomar, Jim Thome and Manny Ramirez.

It was a mess, says Pedro, because if he hit Alomar, it was his friend and Latino just like him, if he hit Jim Thome, would say that hit the gringo, and much less he could give his compatriot and friend Manny Ramírez.

  • Spoke after the game, and Puerto Rican congratulated him and told him it was okay, so should make their teammates, defend theirs. He said that he had hit, but at least he did hitting him in the buttocks, where the pitch is felt less.

We talked about the cabal of the players, pointing to Raul Mondesi as one of the goats, can be returned if you set foot in a step that should not (eg the white line) and return to the path. He also talked about the jokes in the dressing room, how the players their salaries paid, and I stress, Santica, La Vecina Colmado Ke, I shouted that if the players do not do as some employees Creoles, who sold the salary before collect."...

Dec. 2010 (estimated date), "Pedro Martinez loves planting pigeon peas on his farm," Merengala by Joseph Cáceres. Dominican Republic, DiarioDigital, google translation from Spanish. photo from DiarioDigital

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