Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Damaso Marte gives tips to Dominican kids

12/21/10, Santo Domingo: "Major League Baseball Children and Youth of the Reserve Bank, held a farewell ceremony and celebration of the fruitful year of the organization, including a chat with the pitcher of the New York Yankees, Damaso Marte, who had a great turnout Players and family.
  • The left-hander who is active in local baseball with the Licey Tigers, explained to the children and youth about the importance of Christian faith and education for their formation as exemplary citizens in society, to become better citizens.

In the farewell ceremony our children from the baseball league was delighted with the presentation of a youth group made a presentation of dances and songs suitable for the occasion. Our children were very excited about this activity.

  • Baseball League in 2010 Banreservas developed an extensive program of activities and exchanges with renowned sports organizations in the country and abroad.

Attendees participated in several different raffles for sports such as tennis, socks, belts, shirts and balls. At the end of act was a toast of pizza and soft drinks.

from "Marte is involved in awarding BanReserva Baseball League," Hoy, by Gustavo Rodriguez, google translation from Spanish, photo from Hoy

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