Wednesday, December 01, 2010

50 Cub fans travel to see Core Four of Chicago Cubs in Dominican Republic

11/29/10, Boca Chica: "The Chicago Cubs have four figures are very important and Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Marmol and Starlin Castro.
  • They form the core, both offensive and pitching, and is something that recognizes the vice president of player development, Oneri Fleita.

"The presence of Dominicans is vital for the Cubs and a test is the academy. We've grown a lot since we opened here, "said Fleita yesterday during an activity with about

  • 50 fans from the city of Chicago who traveled the country the second consecutive year for the club and share with the players.

Aramis case. Ramírez hopefully will have a better year in 2011, aided in better physical condition and health front.

  • "The goal is health. I have nothing to prove. I'm ready and after eight years in Chicago, I'd like to stay here, "he said.

Soriano talks. Fielder Alfonso Soriano, meanwhile, said that despite not having made the best numbers, could prevent physical problems and played over 140 games.

  • "I did not have the numbers I wanted, but I was healthy and that's the best you can wait," he said.

Marble (Marmol) trusts. Similarly, closer Carlos Marmol confident he can sign a multiyear contract and prevent the arbitration process.

  • "There is still nothing (of contract), but we're talking. I would like to sign something over and stay with the team," said the pitcher."

11/29/10, "Dominican presence is vital for aspirations of the Cubs," Hoy, by Dionisio Soldevila, google translation from Spanish. photo from Hoy


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