Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lance Berkman gets first Yankee home run and John Sterling call

Update: Oct. 19, ALCS game 4, bottom of the second vs Texas Bombers,
  • Berkman hit what an umpire first ruled a home run, but on review it was called foul. When it was first ruled fair, John Sterling on radio did give exactly the same call as he did for Berkman's first Yankee home run, described below.
In the bottom of the 5th, Tampa Bay v Yankees, Lance Berkman gets his first home run as a Yankee (and the Yankees' first run of the game). John Sterling makes the call on radio:
  • "Sir Lancelot rides to the rescue!"
  • "C'est lui! C'est lui!"
UPDATE, 9/26, Researched by JohnSterling.blogspot.com, the reference is from Broadway show, "Camelot," in which Sir Lancelot sings a song called, "C'est Moi," meaning "it's me." Sterling's "C'est lui," in French means, "It's him," referring to Berkman.

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