Sunday, September 19, 2010

South Africa considers jailing journalists for inaccurate statements-BBC

9/18, BBC, "Hundreds of demonstrators have marched in Johannesburg, South Africa, against new measures they fear will muzzle the country's media.
  • They criticised plans to introduce a "protection of information" bill and a new media tribunal, to
  • punish journalists who step out of line.

Helen Zille, leader of the opposition Democratic Alliance, said the proposals are worse than apartheid-era measures.

The protection of information bill would allow the government to classify material that is

  • currently not secret.

The media tribunal, which would be answerable to parliament, would have the power

  • to jail or fine journalists for inaccurate reporting.

Ms Zille - once herself a prominent journalist - has described the tribunal as a

The ANC says new legislation is needed to make journalists legally accountable for inaccurate reporting. Its policy conference next week is

  • expected to focus heavily on policies to regulate the media.

With divisions in its party ranks, measures to tighten control of the press appear to be popular with many ANC members."

9/13/10, ANC general council wants to silence party whistleblowers

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