Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ground Zero mosque developer in dispute with NYC over value of site, withholding property taxes

The Ground Zero mosque developers have withheld property tax because they don't agree the land is valued at the amount assessed by the city. While this was going on and $224,000 in property taxes were in arrears, NY Mayor Bloomberg carried on an extensive media blitz, including tearfulness, on behalf of these people and how important it was they should have this land. We were scolded by Bloomberg, told we should have 'shame' for ourselves. So important was this group to him that he staged a dramatic speech on their behalf in front of the Statue of Liberty, becoming choked up while trying to make basic elements were not in place for the group to develop or perhaps even maintain ownership of the land. While the Statue of Liberty was being used as a sales aid for this supposedly wonderful group, we shameful Americans were not aware that in the 1990's $2 million hard earned US tax dollars were given to Imam Rauf by our politicians. The money was supposed to be used to repair his buildings in New Jersey but repairs were never made. 9/18, AP, "Questions about the (Ground Zero mosque) project's finances have indeed lingered. The investment partnership that owns the property, led by El-Gamal, quickly fell more than

The city's finance department confirmed Friday that El-Gamal had begun resolving that debt Wednesday, turning over a check for a little more than

  • $35,000 and signing on to an eight-installment payment plan to pay the rest.

El-Gamal said in a statement that the failure to pay was due to a dispute with the city over the assessed value of the property —

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