Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Feds have 'blood on their hands'-illegal alien drunken driver who killed nun was released by immigration officials most recently in 2009

In May the Obama administration said it might not deport illegals turned over to them (end of article): "Morton said his agency threshold for mandatory detention and deportation. An illegal immigrant must be convicted of a violent felony to fall into this threshold. Numerous DUI convictions do not qualify as a violent felony.

For immigrants who do not meet the violent felony threshold, ICE uses three criteria to judge whether to release or hold an individual:

  • Ties to the community
  • Length of jail sentence
  • Likelihood to get favorable ruling from immigration judge

In Montano's case, ICE determined Montano could be released.

  • The last step in his case was a judgment to be made by an immigration judge. The judge had not yet reached a decision in Montano's case.

(Prince William County Board of Supervisors Chairman) Stewart says the blame squarely lies on Congress' inability to properly manage and fund ICE.

  • "This is just another despicable example of federal authorities letting illegal aliens back into our communities when they know that they're illegals, they know that they're criminals and pose a danger to the public, but they release them back into our neighborhoods."

Stewart ripped Congress when speaking about the federal government's deportation process.

  • but not even to pay for the deportation of illegal aliens who are committing crimes in our neighborhood," Stewart says.

Police say Sister Denise Mosier was a passenger in the back seat of a car traveling to a retreat when Montano collided with her and two other nuns.

  • The 23-year-old's driver's license had been revoked, and he had twice been convicted of drunk driving.

"This crime need not have happened, this nun need not have been killed, if federal authorities, who

  • now have blood on their hands,

have done their job in the first place, and had this sleazebag deported," Stewart says."

  • photo of Carlos Montono from PW County Police


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