Sunday, July 04, 2010

Stephen Strasburg appears to chew tobacco, BJ Upton doesn't bother to run

7/4, Phil Mushnick: "Thursday, during Mets-Nationals, SNY's Kevin Burkhardt delivered an extensive report about how the Nats are being extremely protective of new pitching star Stephen Strasburg,

As Burkhardt spoke, SNY presented close-ups of Strasburg, his right cheek packed with a chaw,

  • spits of tobacco juice followed. Yeah, ya can't be too careful with the kid, gotta keep him protected."... ****

"(BJ) Upton, who often relies on his great speed to scratch out a living -- this year his base salary is $3 million -- often

  • doesn't bother to run at all, not to first base and not in the outfield. Does it matter that

"Something is wrong with this whole set up", 7/4 column

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