Sunday, July 04, 2010

Fox Sports MLB reporter crosses the line, suggests free agents might be affected by Tony LaRussa's opinion on Arizona law

It sounds like FoxSports.com's MLB reporter Jon Paul Morosi doesn't know the first thing about the Arizona law about which he righteously rages. Why is it so bad to ask people to carry ID? He ignores the main point that Arizona residents are in a constant state of terror and already have lost land permanently due to uncontrollable violence. Perhaps Fox Sports should educate its MLB national 'reporters' or get up to date itself on current events. Perhaps advertisers are wondering if they should invest their money in an organization with better judgment. Why wouldn't Fox Sports and Morosi be more concerned with the Arizona land that has been closed since 2006 due to uncontrollable violence?
  • Does Fox Sports think Rape Trees are preferable to merely asking someone for ID? If so, why? Why is its reporting so one-sided and seeking to fan flames of hatred and division where such would otherwise not exist?
7/2, "Tony LaRussa's support of Arizona immigration law insults his Latino players," Jon Paul Morosi, FoxSports.com
  • "As most everyone in St. Louis knows, Pujols will be eligible for free agency after next season. It would be absurd to suggest that La Russa’s remarks will have an impact on whether Pujols re-signs with the team....

But what about free agentsplayers who don’t know La Russa as well? Their opinion of La Russa is based on what they hear from others in the game, along with what they read or see through the media.

  • All it takes is one teammate-to-teammate remark – “You know, La Russa supports that Arizona law” – and a player’s perception of La Russa becomes something very different from what the Cardinals want it to be.

La Russa is a very smart man. He should have realized the weight of what he said on Tuesday. But rather than taking the humble approach – backpedal like hell, as a courtesy to his Latino players – he merely clarified his explanation.

In May, Selig steered around a question about whether the 2011 All-Star Game should be moved by citing baseball’s minority hiring record. (“Apparently all the people around and in minority communities think we’re doing OK,” he told reporters.) A spokesman for MLB said Thursday that the commissioner had no official reaction to La Russa’s remarks."...

P.S. Perhaps it's another case of imagining one is "better" and "more compassionate" by taking a particular point of view which is actually the opposite, ie, Morosi's view can only bring more suffering, chaos, and death.
  • I will avoid Fox Sports advertisers from this point on. ed.


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