Friday, July 02, 2010

20,000 volunteer for Gulf clean up, only 1 in 6 allowed to work, 'no direction' over 2 months in. 17,000 not allowed to clean suffering birds.

Update, 7/2: Not only is the US government withholding leadership, it further stabs citizens in the back by injecting BP hacks into the runaround. At this point, is it not insane at best to force US citizens to be begging BP for help on life and death issues of our citizens, land, water and wildlife?
  • If BP has not already proven unworthy of our trust, what exactly would it take for that to happen? Why would Obama or anyone force us to be further at the mercy of an apparently criminal operation? Why have charges of negligence not been filed against Obama?
"“According to one official, ‘until two weeks ago [after the President’s May 28, 2010, visit], BP was in charge and the Coast Guard looked to them for direction.’ Furthermore, ‘Coast Guard asks BP,’ not vice-versa.’” "The frustration extends to the volunteers who have offered to clean beaches and wetlands. More than 20,000 volunteers have signed up to help in Florida, Alabama and Mississippi, or the training required to take part in some chores, according to BP.

The executive director of the Alabama Coastal Foundation, Bethany Kraft, said many people who volunteered are frustrated and angry that no one has called on them for help.

"You see this unfolding before your eyes and you have this sense that you can't do anything," she said. "To watch this happen in our backyard and not be able to help is hard.""....

"56 days into the Gulf Spill, there are only 165 sanctioned people are out picking up only oiled birds in the entire Gulf. There are 17,000 volunteer bird retrieval experts who can pick up flighted birds and save them who have NOT been utilized since Day 1. None have been allowed to help. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency is REQUIRING that a person from their agency AND a person from the state agency be on each boat that goes out looking, and they are NOT retrieving un-oiled flighted birds who have the best chance of survival. Then they are RELEASING cleaned birds along the Florida Gulf coast -

Depraved animal cruelty by Obama, dead silence from his supporters in the compassionate 'environmental' movement. ed. oiled birds from Care2 site

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