Friday, June 25, 2010

NRDC spokesman Robert Redford has disconnected view of Gulf oil rig explosion and sports

"It was at a 2003 meeting of the NRDC board meeting at Sundance that actor and conservationist Robert Redford first devised this new strategy.

We all want clean air, clean water, and to preserve our environment. We don't need the new political system being promoted by MLB favorite and NRDC trustee Robert Redford, the rest of NRDC, and vast corporate interests.

Bloomberg, 12/4/09: "Companies need the financial markets to help them drive down their greenhouse gas emissions at a reasonable price, says the NRDC’s Andy Stevenson.

Behind the talk about clean air, children, and helpless animals are business profits and political turnover bigger than most of us could imagine. Baseball players and fans should not exploited to advance this movement.

Bush and Cheney deserve blame for many things, but problems will never be looked into and solved if you use them as a blanket excuse for everything. Have Redford and the NRDC demanded Obama return money oil companies gave him? No, so they have no credibility on this topic. 10/19/09, "Last night I was at Yankee Stadium watching the Yanks exciting extra-inning playoff win. Along with 50,000 other shivering fans we had to endure a scoreboard message from Robert Redford sponsored by the National Resources Defense Council demanding that we lower our standard of living to stop global warming. NRDC's mission statement says global warming is political, that environmental injustice is unfairlyBrutal equatorial dictators and their enablers have been cashing in on do-gooder instincts of Americans for many years. Because of global warming (which does not exist), we are told we're still bad and must give billions more every year. But the climate profiteers are good, trust them. The NRDC also promotes carbon trading programs in states and regions. As referenced above, fans are a captive audience to be convinced of a political theory involving the transfer of trillions of dollars. (One can read about NRDC's and Redford's activities).
  • In NRDC and Redford's view, clean air and water are only possible by submitting to the global climate industry, already infested with organized crime, and which rests on the false assumption that US citizens are climate criminals
responsible for sinking islands in the Indian Ocean for which we must pay billions in perpetuity.and reportedly said one of the 3 reasons Al Gore's 2006 movie was a turning point was: 11/1/05: "Among other things, the NRDC is a boutique law firm of lawyers who practice only environmental law.... Reference: 6/21, "Pelosi's lame blame game: No 'burrowed in' Bush appointees oversaw Deepwater Horizon," Washington Examiner.As a point of interest, The NYDN writer enthuses about "It is an ecological horror show, and the one good thing that can be said about our favorite pastimes is that these
  • from Robert Redford to Bud Selig -
have come to understand that America's games can spur change among corporate partners and even among Reference, Bloomberg News, 12/4/09, "Carbon Capitalists warming to climate market using derivatives" Note: The global warming movement has succeeded mainly by using
  • ridicule to silence anyone who dared question it.
  • Many people are unwilling or unable to stand up to ridicule. This is my observation. ed.
  • photo above from CaptainsQuarters


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