Thursday, June 03, 2010

Government and media to increase partnership. FTC plan to 'save' newspapers= 5 new taxes on Americans

6/3: "The FTC staff study includes five new taxes the federal government could use to create a new fund it would then dole out to favored media organizations.
  • Of course, any media organization that accepts one penny of government "aid" thereby loses the right to call itself an independent media outlet because, as anybody who knows anything about federal aid can attest, when bureaucrats fund something, they use that funding as the pretext to regulate and control it.

Here's (Dan) Gainor's key graphs:

  • If government wants to make the media dependent on it for cash,
  • it has to tax us to do so.

"The paper listed five possible new taxes to pay for a 'Citizenship Media Fund.' Those include a

"It also listed a host of other possible solutions for the problems that impact journalism – everything but the free market. That concept is foreign to the same administration that seized control of Wall Street, Detroit and our health care system."

  • You can read the rest of Dan's column here."
from 6/3 Washington Examiner article by Mark Tapscott, "Five ways Obama may tax you to pay for the government's 'reinvention of journalism'"
  • from Mr. Tapscott's article on the move to 'reinvent' journalism:
"Translated, "reinvention of journalism" is codespeak for "Repeal the First Amendment's prohibition on Congress doing anything to abridge the freedom of the independent press to find and report all of the facts about what politicians, bureaucrats and their allies in the private sector are doing, are planning on doing, did in the past, Newspapers once defended the people against the power of government and its financial cronies. Today, many newspapers are eager to partner with government against the ever diminishing power of the people. ed.


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