Sunday, May 23, 2010

'Carbon offsets' market compared to 'CIA at height of cold war, sabotaging whole nations'

"Suddenly, these forests they run become assets, and they are worth Johann Hari subscribes to CO2 endangerment and that today's environmental movement will only make it worse. He notes the normal 'conservation' movement was derailed in the 1980's when 'green' groups started taking big money from polluters. Players mentioned include BP, WWF, the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, Duke Energy, American Electric Power (AEP), the El Paso Corporation.
  • This information has long been in the public domain but not widely reported. Mr. Hari now realizes phony profiteers have had plenty of time to set up the carbon offsets industry under the guise of environmental compassion. (If one observes that CO2 isn't a danger in the first place, one is left with the same criminal carbon offsets industry. ed.)
Hari, 5/21: "For environmental groups to take funding from the very people who are destroying the environment is preposterous –
  • yet in the US it is now taken for granted....

Charles Komanoff, who worked as a consultant for the Natural Resources Defense Council for 30 years, says:

  • For too long, all the oxygen in the room has been sucked out by this beast of these insider groups, who achieve almost nothing....
Yet when I ask her to explain how Conservation International justifies the conceptual holes in the entire system of offsetting,
  • her answers become halting. ...
There is a broad rumble of anger across the grass-roots environmental movement at this position. ...
  • "At Copenhagen, I couldn't believe what I was seeing," says Kevin Koenig of Amazon Watch, an organisation that sides with indigenous peoples in the Amazon basin to preserve their land.

"These groups are positioning themselves to be the middlemen in a carbon market. They are helping to set up, in effect, a global system of carbon laundering...

  • that will give the impression of action,
  • but no substance.
  • You have to ask – are these conservation groups at all?
  • They look much more like industry front groups to me."

So it has come to this. After decades of slowly creeping corporate entanglement,

some of the biggest environmental groups have remade themselves in the image of their corporate backers: they are putting profit before planet. ... At Copenhagen, their behaviour was so shocking that Lumumba Di-Aping, the lead negotiator for the G77 bloc of the world's rainforest-rich but cash-poor countries,
  • compared them to the CIA at the height of the Cold War, sabotaging whole nations....
It seems the US "green" groups have come to see the world solely through the funnel of the US Senate and what legislation it can be immediately coaxed to pass. ... By definition, if a bill can pass through today's corrupt Senate, then it will not be enough to prevent catastrophic global warming. Why?
  • Because the bulk of the Senate – including many Democrats – is owned by Big Oil and Big Coal. ...
As MacDonald says, "Not only do the largest conservation groups take money from companies deeply implicated in environmental crimes,

  • It has taken two decades for this relationship to become the norm among the big green organisations."...
from "Polluted by Profit: Johann Hari on the Real ClimateGate," IndependentUK, 5/21/10, via Climate Depot
  • Much of this could have been avoided, but media chose not to report key information.
  • Oil interests were invited to the "climate" party up front:
Saudi Arabia and oil interests lobbied intensely for election of UN climate chief Rajendra Pachauri to head the IPCC. It's in the Climategate emails, 4/19/2002.

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