Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Nats pitcher Drew Storen is son of former XM 175 host Mark Patrick

"Drew’s biggest supporters come from his close-knit well-grounded family. Most baseball fans are probably familiar with
  • Mark Patrick, Drew's dad, who hosted ‘Baseball in the Morning’ on XM 175 Home Plate (now MLB Network Radio) for four years up until the XM/Sirius merger. Most of the parental sports attention gets focused on him due to his ties.
He was also instrumental in Drew’s baseball upbringing, teaching Drew to switch hit at the age of four, sending him to pitching lessons after he expressed an interest and being able to spot errors and correct them in Drew’s delivery. Mark’s brother and wife, Drew’s aunt and uncle, have followed him to games across the country, even sporting this homemade sign during the College World Series in Omaha."...
  • photo and text from CSNwashington.com 5/19, photo Drew's Aunt Kim holding sign


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