Monday, April 05, 2010

China says carbon dioxide not a pollutant, 3/29/10

"China said greenhouse gases from the shipping industry shouldn’t be covered by marine pollution rules

Emissions from ships may be better regulated by the International Maritime Organization’s council or a new international convention, said Xiaofeng Guo, a member of

IMO marine pollution rules are “definitely not the way

The IMO, overseen by the United Nations, has a meeting this week of its Marine Environment Protection Committee. “Now is not the time for mandatory measures” to improve the energy efficiency of new ships, he said.

  • International shipping contributed about 2.7 percent of global emissions in 2007, according to a July report from the IMO."...
from Manila Bulletin Publishing Corp., "China: Marine pollution rules shouldn't govern ship carbon," 3/29/10 mb.com.ph, via Tom Nelson Even if man made CO2 caused global warming--which everyone knows it does not--China and many others will never change their behavior sufficiently and will never agree to supervision no matter what they say-daily experience shows this to be so. Even if the 'climate' could be cured by emission levels some cite, it wouldn't happen unless the entire planet went along with it-which is impossible, unenforceable, and pointless.
  • The US is merely turning its citizens over to a bunch of greasy thugs at the UN under the guise of clean air and of course, green jobs.
This is an example of the tail wagging the dog. That is, dreaming up the idea of climate catastrophe calling for the United States' surrender to a 'global commons' and to which her taxpayers must pay billions immediately and in perpetuity...when all they really wanted to do is just destroy the United States.
  • Link to US bill saying it wants to cut "global warming pollution." We all want to cut pollution. Do not confuse 'pollution' with catastrophic man made global warming that is causing global death, hurricanes, and sinking islands, requiring a carbon tax (and yearly billions on top of that in reparations).

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