Saturday, April 03, 2010

Perhaps "knowledge workers" will buy tickets once sought by the middle class

  • No room for the middle class in utopia.
"The ranks of those who identify with either the “haves” or the “have-nots” are swollen, while the number of those seeing themselves as
  • in the middle, centrally positioned,
“Barack Obama would have lost the women’s vote and the 2008 election if it were not for the contribution of the unmarried woman. All told, Obama split men 49-48 percent, but lost married women 47-50 percent. People in the middle class may be too busy working and surviving to realize they've long been targeted for extinction. This and other articles note results are already showing (this article doesn't object to that, just observes it). People who are extinct can't travel to and buy tickets to baseball games. Perhaps the new market of "knowledge workers" (described below) will buy tickets. ed.
  • "...and college-educated professionals, many with advanced degrees, who represent the Democrats’ newfound strength among
  • “knowledge workers.“
These Democrats are relatively well-off and socially liberal. They are not bread-and-butter voters,
  • but ideological voters,
seeking a government that defends post-materialist rights and values...
  • These are the Democratic “haves.”"...
from The Atlantic, Edsall, "The Obama Coalition"


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