Sunday, April 04, 2010

I just tried to watch the YES Network

They said the pregame of opening night started at 7PM. I turned it off after less than one minute. The YES Network filled the screen with a montage of Yankee failures over the past number of years. The voiceover was a professional announcer, not one I connect with the Yankees. Sounded like Dave O'Brien.
  • Which is all fine and what I would expect from ESPN, which apparently continues to be the YES Network's spiritual leader. Or perhaps ESPN is Goldman Sachs' spiritual leader. ESPN's spiritual and business leader is of course Bud Selig. In any case, the channel is no place for a Yankee fan. The Yankee fan has no tv channel. He barely has a team to root for as it's viewed by Bud Selig as his own personal property along with his media sycophants and parasites. As usual, I will stick to radio knowing even that will not last much longer in its current fan friendly state.


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