Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tampa Bay Rays owner to lower payroll, Selig says must have "hope and faith"

St. Petersburg: "(Bud) Selig, at Tropicana Field Wednesday for the annual Governor's Dinner, didn't have concrete suggestions, but he said the league will look into ways That includes Tampa Bay, where principal owner Stuart Sternberg said Monday the Rays will have to significantly
  • reduce their $70 million payroll next season.

"We're going to do over $450 million in revenue sharing," Selig said. "Remember when I took over? We did none, zero. … It's not perfect, I know work has to be done...but at least there's been an enormous amount of progress.""

Stu Sternberg kicks off the new Rays season in his usual offensive, belligerent fashion. Maybe he should go back to Goldman Sachs. ed.

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