Saturday, February 20, 2010

Harvard educated US president says lack of Vancouver snow proves catastrophic man made global warming (contradicts evidence)

AFP, HENDERSON, Nevada — "US President Barack Obama on Friday rebuked climate change skeptics who argue that piles of snow dumped on the United States during a frigid winter cast doubt on global warming science."...

"I want to just be clear that the science of climate change doesn't mean that every place is getting warmer;

  • But what it
  • may
  • mean is, for example,

Vancouver, which is supposed to be getting snow during the Olympics,

  • suddenly is at 55 degrees,

and Dallas suddenly is getting seven inches of snow.

The idea is, is that as the planet as a whole gets warmer, you start seeing changing weather patterns, and that creates more violent storm systems, more unpredictable weather. So any single place might end up being warmer; another place might end up being a little bit cooler;

  • there might end up being more precipitation in the air, more monsoons, more hurricanes, more tornadoes, more drought in some places, floods in other places.

So I just -- that's one aspect of

that I think everybody should understand. That's point number one."...

  • Not so. Records show Vancouver's average low temperature in February is 35 degrees. Snow cannot exist above 32 degrees for more than a few moments.
  • Monthly averages & records
    °F | °C
    MonthAverage lowAverage highAverage precipRecord lowRecord high
    January34°44°6.2 in0° (1950)60° (1981)
    February35°47°4.3 in3° (1950)65° (1986)
    March38°51°4.37 in11° (1896)67° (1960)
    April42°56°3.35 in26° (1951)77° (1987)
    May48°62°2.55 in31° (1899)87° (1983)
    June53°67°2.14 in35° (1911)87° (1970)
    July56°71°1.64 in39° (1908)93° (2009)
    August56°71°1.59 in35° (1900)92° (1960)
    September51°66°2.13 in25° (1908)85° (1988)
    October44°56°4.79 in19° (1935)75° (1991)
    November38°48°7 in5° (1896)65° (1980)
    December34°44°6.8 in2° (1964)59° (1980)

A Vancouver Sun article in 2003 expressed

The author writes again on 2/9/10 that

they would not have expected it to be colder and snowier than it was.

  • Vancouver average temperatures on msn.com provided by WDT


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