Sunday, May 31, 2009

Win save combination, Pettitte-Rivera, including post season

Update: Here's the list of Pettitte and Rivera's 11 post season win-save combos as of 10/7/10.

 UPDATE: June 11, 2010 was the 67th regular season win-save combo for Pettitte and Rivera.
The MLB.com article doesn't mention the existence of a Pettitte-Rivera tandem in post season. According to Baseball-Reference, the two have 10 (updated from 8) of these. I understand MLB eschews use of the words "regular season" in articles like this, as it might alert consumers that stats also exist for "post season" -which would be "unfair."
  • Players' most difficult work is casually lost to history for contrived excuses, such as they're simply "luckier" than others by getting to the post season in the first place so best not to bring it up. This passive-aggressive Soviet style information blackout would have you believe everyone going to the post season gets good stats.
This twisted manipulation of players' life and work advances easily in a Banana Republic monopoly such as baseball. In spite of MLB's information blackout, Pettitte and Rivera's work stands:
(8 of the above were multi-inning appearances for Rivera. Honorable Mention: The "Bugs" Game, Game 2, 2007 ALDS, NYY @ Cleveland. Pettitte and Rivera appeared together in other post season games that didn't have the exact technical requirements for a win-save combo).
  • setting a new Major League record."... "Mo Sets Record with 58th "Save" for Pettitte." (PLUS 8)


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