Friday, April 05, 2013

Pettitte and Rivera's 11 post season win-saves, 1998-2010.

5/11/13,  Pettitte-Rivera win-save #81, 70th in regular season, final 3-2 vs Royals.


Pettitte and Rivera's 11 post season win-save combos as of 10/7/10:

8 of the 11 post season win-saves were multi-inning appearances for Rivera.

Honorable Mention: The "Bugs" Game, Game 2, 2007 ALDS, NYY @ Cleveland, 2IP for Rivera, 9th and 10th, entered with score tied 1-1. Indians won 2-1 in 11th.

Above, Jorge Posada spraying bug spray on Mariano Rivera during The Bugs Game, ALDS game 2 in Cleveland, 10/5/2007.

Above, Joba Chamberlain getting bug spray from Gene Monahan during Bugs game.

Pettitte and Rivera now have 69 regular season win-saves and 11 post-season for a total of 80.

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