Friday, May 29, 2009

Chazz Palminteri's opinion

Chazz Palminteri called WFAN today as he does from time to time. I tuned in shortly after this particular call to hear a subsequent caller mention it to Francesa who said Chazz just wanted to give his opinion about Joba. A website, JetsInsider.com, that follows Francesa was listening, and noted Palminteri voted for Joba to the pen (at least for this season): On the subject of Chamberlain, a poster (JetsFan1983) noted his reduced velocity might render him of no help to the team in the bullpen. (As other fun sites do, this one critiques Mike's appearance and speech patterns). This post is just a point of interest and not meant as something Yankee brass should use in player evaluations. (sm)


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