Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New homerun call for Nick Swisher tonight

  • Update, 8/17/12, Swisher hit 2 HR tonight v Boston. For the 2nd one in the 7th, "Nicky Swish is at it again!" (description) "Nick Swisher is positively Swish-a-licious!"
Update, 8/14/12, Tonight it was "Nicky Swish is positively Swish-a-licious," as John noted Swisher homered both last night and tonight. Final, 3-0, Yankees over Texas. The game had been scoreless through 6 and a half innings.
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Nick Swisher's 2nd inning home run tonight received an updated tag from Yankee radio's John Sterling. After announcing the home run had been hit, John said,
  • "Nick is positively Swish-a-licious." Earlier in the season Sterling had tagged Swisher home runs with, "he is Jolly Old St. Nick." It may take a few tries for the right tag line to emerge, but he stays with it once it's settled.
I'm a big fan of John Sterling (and Suzyn) and hope he's calling Yankee games for the rest of my life. I've listened to many other teams' pbp guys, and I wish them well. But for me on a daily basis, John is the best on radio. It's something very few people have the exact gifts to do but he does.

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