Monday, May 18, 2009

Hal designates Felix Lopez for assignment

Felix Lopez was a guest on Yankee radio tonight with John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman in one of the early innings. I heard the last part of it in which he said the team is aware of issues fans have had with the new stadium and they're going to do 'their damnedest' to make those things right. Lopez is of course senior vice president of the Yankees having married Mr. Steinbrenner's daughter Jessica in 2004. On 10/2/08, Ken Davidoff in Newsday wrote about the dysfunctional group in the Yankee front office. About Felix Lopez he wrote:
  • "3. Felix Lopez. The husband of George Steinbrenner's younger daughter Jessica, Lopez has
Posted on this blog 10/2/08 with links, which now just go to Newsday and not the article. Ballbug lists the article also without an active link. "Cashman aims to win with dysfunctional Yankees"


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