Thursday, May 14, 2009

For MPH stat fans--Rivera's final pitch to Barajas

According to MLB.com gameday, the speeds of Mariano Rivera's 5 pitches to Rod Barajas were: The NY Times' account by Tyler Kepner said Rivera's final pitch came in at 89 mph: "and Mariano Rivera saved it with a 1-2-3 the ninth, striking out Rod Barajas on an 89-mile-an-hour cutter to end the game. "
  • It appears the press box gets its stats from a source other than MLB.com. In any case, one is right and one is wrong, probably. The 4 mph is only a big deal for those in the crepe hanging business. They're thanking God for the news about 89 mph. Reference, NY Times article, "Rejuvenated Matsui and Sabathia give Yankees a Lift"

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