Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why weren't these radio talkers banned in Britain?

  • Left-wing radio talkers are free to call a public figure a "sociopath racist," accusing another of planning and executing 9/11, and another of being a "senile son of a bitch" who wets his diapers.
(From Human Events, 8/25/08, by Mark Hyman): "I spent more time than usual in my rental car while on travel earlier this month. Because it was equipped with satellite radio, I did something different. I listened to According to the Sirius satellite radio website, liberal radio talk show hosts on channel 146 include Thom Hartman, who “uncovers corporate lies, rampant confusion in the offices of our politicians, and exposes the ‘con’ in conservative;” Lynn Samuels,...and Mike Malloy, “a traditional Democrat” who offers “fire from the left.” It was apparent that Samuels’ program is only on satellite radio and not broadcast-delivered, as she liberally dropped the F-bomb and other vulgarities throughout her regular rants....
  • In no particular order, this is a sample of what I heard:
  • “[George] Bush has committed war crimes.”
  • “God doesn’t exist.”
  • Everyday, U.S. troops are “slaughtering Iraqis by the thousands.”
  • “Communism provides services to the people such as a job, a place to live and universal health care.”
  • “We need government to create jobs.”
  • “The goal is not to reduce the price of oil, but to eliminate it from society
  • “Wouldn’t it be great if Hillary [Clinton] was nominated [for President] and we got rid of that little putz?”
How did the UK government miss these statements made on left wing radio? How are these exempt from "fostering hatred which might lead to inter-community violence?" The above statements were heard on satellite radio but Hartman and Malloy are also heard on terrestrial radio.
  • An MSNBC host said on 5/12 or 5/13/09 that listening to the current Miss California made him want to "vomit." Did David Schuster make the list? sm

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