Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mike Lupica on the best closer in history: "Understand something."

(Lupica): "The beauty of baseball and the beauty of sports is that there is always a debate about this giant of the sport or that....
  • the best closer in history,
  • the best money pitcher in history,
  • a power relief pitcher and
  • a power closer who

has lasted longer than any power pitcher in his job ever has,

  • in the history of baseball.
  • He is the Babe Ruth of what he does for a living...
The Yankees are still here. Less than they have been in other seasons since they were reinvented and reimagined as Joe Torre's Yankees

When he does come through the bullpen doors tomorrow (Tuesday) night, whenever they play "Enter Sandman," when the place goes wild for him once more,

  • is the greatest Yankee of them all."

"Mariano Rivera is the Brightest Yankee Star of All," 7/14/08, Mike Lupica column in the NY Daily News. Mike Lupica is a NY Daily News employee, BBWAA member, ESPN contributor and brave person.

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